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SF Derm Virtual HealthTech Conference, Saturday November 18, 2023

Lectures included:

Fara Kamangar, MD.- SF Derm Introduction, Pearls from the Eczema Symposium.
Sarina Elmariah, MD.- Bearing the Burden of Prurigo Nodularis: Relief and Resolution With New and Emerging Therapies.
Roxana Daneshjou, MD.- Computer Vision and AI in dermatology.
Tofunmi Omiye, MD.- Updates on large language models and dermatology.
Fara Kamangar, MD.- Dermatology 5.0 

SF Derm Eczema Symposium & 100 Year Celebration, August 25-27, 2023

Lectures included:

Lawrence Eichenfield, MD.- A Changing Therapeutic Landscape for Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis

Timothy Berger, MD.- Pruritus in the Elderly

Ilona Frieden, MD.- Diagnostic Dilemmas in Pediatric Dermatology: Cases that Saw Me Before I Saw Them

Albert Chiou, MD.- Systemic treatments for atopic dermatitis in adults and comparative efficacy

Kelly Cordoro, MD.- Evaluation and Management of Urticaria in Children: How Much is Enough?

Jenny Murase, MD.- Management of Recalcitrant Dermatitis in Adults: CPAT (Clear, Patch, Avoid, Treat)

Nina Botto, MD.- To Patch or Not to Patch: That is the Question

Drs. April Armstrong, MD & John Koo, MD.- Oral Therapies for Psoriasis.

Youn Kim, MD.- Pearls on Diagnosing Lymphoma in Patients with Chronic Dermatitis and Pruritus

Jennifer Chen, MD.- Allergic contact dermatitis in patients with atopic dermatitis

Bryan Cho, MD, PhD.- Contact Dermatitis with Tech Wearables

Golara Honari, MD.- Hypersensitivity to Implantable Medical Devices

Ilona Frieden, MD.- Diaper Dermatitis

Katrina Abuabara, MD.- AD across the lifespan

Sheng-Pei Wang, MD.- AD and Climate

Kelly Cordoro, MD.- Psoriasis in Children: The Shifting Landscape of Pediatric Psoriasis Management

Olga Afanasiev, MD.- Innovations and Developments in Monitoring Rashes Remotely

Nathan Jetter, MD.- Patient and provider resources from the National Eczema Association

Jennifer Chen, MD.- Presidential Update on Future Directions and Resources Offered through the American Contact Dermatitis Society

Judith Hong, MD.- AD and Stress Management

SF Derm Virtual Zoom Meeting, Saturday May 14, 2022

Dermatitis and Pruritus SOS Conference organized by Dr. Jenny Murase and John Weiss Lectureship Presented by Dr. Jonathan Bernstein, President Elect of AAAAI on Urticaria

Lectures also included:

 Itch. Speaker: Tim Berger, MD, UCSF The Changing Landscape of Atopic Dermatitis in Pediatrics. Speaker: Amy Paller, MD, Northwestern Dermatitis Associated with Surgical Procedures. Speaker: Golara Honari, MD, Stanford Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma in the Patch Test Clinic. Speaker: Jenny Murase, MD, PAMF/UCSF Utility of True Test vs. NACDS vs. Expanded Series. Speaker: Nina Botto, MD, UCSF  

SF Derm Virtual Zoom Meeting, Saturday February 12, 2022

Climate Change Conference organized by Dr. Roxana Daneshjou and John Weiss Lectureship Presented by Dr. Misha

Lectures also included:

Rosenbach: Climate Change and Dermatology

Lectures also included

Dr. Jenna Lester - Climate change and Equity  

Dr. John Barbieri - How to reduce the climate footprint of your practice 

Dr. Sarah Coates - Climate Change and Pediatric Dermatology 

SF Derm Virtual Zoom Meeting, Saturday September 25,2021

SF Derm Virtual Zoom Meeting, Saturday February 6, 2021

John Weiss Lectureship Presented by Dr. Susan Swetter: Introduction to the Wipe Out Melanoma- California State initiative

Lectures also included:
Update on Gene Expression Profiling in Melanoma, Douglas Grossman, MD, PhD
An introduction to AI and description of the current landscape, Roxana Daneshjou, MD
AI Equity and Biases,  Albert Chiou, MD
AI Clinical Trials, Rob Novoa, MD
The Future of Augmented Intelligence, Justin Ko, MD
Addressing health disparities using social media, De Vere Hunt, MD, Sidney Owen, MD, Eleni Linos, MD

John Weiss Lectureship Presented by Dr. Katie Ransohoff: Updates on Vulvar Disease

Lectures also included:

High Risk, High Reward: Clinical pearls of SCC / BCC management”, Dr. Olga Afanasiev

 Updates on Merkel Cell Carcinoma”, Dr. Teresa Fu

Update on management of melasma”, Dr. Amit Pandya

Tales of a Rash Whisperer: Managing Recalcitrant Eczematous Dermatitis and Navigating Eyelid and Facial Dermatitis on Dupilumab”, Dr. Jenny Murase 

Recognizing Stereotype Threat and Implicit Bias in Your Dermatology Practice”, Britney Wilson, Rutgers Medical School 

Systemic Therapies and COVID-19 Vaccinations in Dermatology Patients", Dr. Wilson Liao

Cutaneous Adverse Effects associated with COVID Vaccination” & Group Discussion, Dr. Fara Kamangar U

SF Derm Virtual Zoom Meeting, Saturday, September 26, 2020

Lectureship: Dr. Amit Pandya & Dr. Jenny Murase on Pigmentary disorders and Eczematous Dermatitis in Skin Color

SF Derm at PAMF Palo Alto, Saturday, February 8, 2020

John Weiss Lectureship Presented by Dr. Daniel Butler on Geriatric Dermatology: Meeting the needs of generations

SFDS/Sac Valley Derm at Marriott Residence Inn, Sacramento, Saturday September 28, 2019

Speakers: Dr. Peggy Wu on Contact Dermatitis, Dr. Victor Huang on Vitiligo and Photobiology

SF Derm at CSI San Jose, Saturday,  September 14,2019

Dr. Timothy Berger on Atopic Dermatitis: Understanding the core of the problem, CSI Dermpath mass spec for Melanocytic lesions, Surgical demonstrations

Lectureship-Haley Naik, M.D. - Management Pearl for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Lectureship-Paradi Mirmiradi, MD - An update on hair disorders: What's New and What's True

Lectureship- Tina Bhutani, MD - A practical approach to the use of biologics in psoriasis

Lectureship- Relevance of the Microbiome to the Clinical Dermatologist Serena Mraz, MD

All SF Derm Members receive a $300 discount

Lectureship- Nail Medical Therapeutic and Surgical Pearls A. Christine Miller, MD

Lectureship- Lichen sclerosus without hocus pocus Approach to the patient with vulvar disease Rachel Kornik, MD

Lectureship- Supportive Dermato-Oncology Dermatologic Care of the Cancer Patient, Bernice Kwong, MD

Lectureship- Approach to sclerosing skin conditions Caring for the patient with hard skin, Anna Haemel, MD

Lectureship- Cutting edge dermatologic therapeutics recent clinical trials in older adults, Anne Chang, MD

Lectureship- Patch Test Pearls, Nina Botto, MD

Lectureship- Mohs Surgery Keratinocytic Tumors and Beyond, Sumaria Aasi, MD

Lectureship- Treating Cutaneous Autoimmunity Biologics & Beyond…, Michael Rosenblum, MD, PhD

Lectureship- Hot topics in Pediatric Dermatology, Joyce Teng, MD

Lectureship- Comparing Treatments for Non-melanoma Skin Cancer, Mary-Margaret Chren, MD

Lectureship- Melanoma Prevention – Past, Present and Future Directions, Susan M. Swetter, MD

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