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SF Derm, Saturday, May 14, 2022 7:30am-12:45pm

Symposium: Dermatitis and Pruritus SOS


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The purpose of this SF Dermatology Meeting is to provide you with guidance when diagnosing and managing your most difficult and recalcitrant cases of dermatitis and itch.  We have created practical talks germane to every day dermatology practice to help you manage your most challenging patients.  We have also included information to address diversity and inclusion in our field, including issues specific to special populations, such as geriatric, pediatric, skin of color and male/female patients.


Moderator:  Jenny Murase, MD

Grand Rounds Director:  Janell Tully


Symposium:  Dermatitis and Pruritus SOS May 14 Saturday

7:30:8:15 Non CME talk sponsored by UCB “Chronic Inflammatory Diseases:  The Influence of the Microbiome and Considerations for Holistic Patient Care,” Speaker: Jenny Murase, MD

8:15-8:30 SF Derm Chair Address Faranak Kamangar

8:30-9:00 John Weiss Lectureship:  Topic Urticaria: Speaker: Jonathan Bernstein, MD, University of Cincinnati Allergy, President Elect of AAAAI

9:00-9:30 Itch. Speaker: Tim Berger, MD, UCSF

9:30-10:00 The Changing Landscape of Atopic Dermatitis in Pediatrics. Speaker: Amy Paller, MD, Northwestern

10:00-10:15 Panel discussion, Panelists:  Jonathan Bernstein, MD; Tim Berger, MD; Amy Paller, MD

10:15-10:30 Dermatitis Associated with Surgical Procedures. Speaker: Golara Honari, MD, Stanford

10:30-10:45 Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma in the Patch Test Clinic. Speaker: Jenny Murase, MD, PAMF/UCSF

10:45-11:00 Utility of True Test vs. NACDS vs. Expanded Series. Speaker: Nina Botto, MD, UCSF

11:00-11:15 Panel discussion, Panelists: Golara Honari, MD; Jenny Murase, MD; Nina Botto, MD

11:15-11:30 Dermatitis Patient Case #1/Discussion - Geriatric Focus. Speaker: Janell Tully; Daniel Butler, MD, UCSF

11:30-11:45 Dermatitis Patient Case #2/Discussion - Skin of Color Focus.  Speaker: Apra Sood, MD, UC Davis

11:45-12:00 Gender Considerations in the Diagnosis and Management of Recalcitrant Dermatitis, Speaker: Emi Murase

12:00-12:45 NonCME talk sponsored by Regeneron on Prurigo Nodularis:  Timothy Berger, MD


3.5 CME credits for members who join and are up to date with their dues.