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Please use this page to obtain information to schedule your patients for Grand Rounds at the below academic centers

University of California, Davis:

Physicians may send a concise description of the patient case to Raja Sivamani at or Victoria Sharon at

University of California, San Francisco:

Outside physicians can email the current UCSF Dermatology Grand Rounds Chiefs at to inquire about presenting a patient. Emailed inquiries and forms are preferred, but the department fax is (415) 353-7870 if necessary. Phone messages can also be left about Grand Rounds at (415) 353-7800.

Physicians are also asked to fill out two Grand Rounds forms.

It is preferable for the physician to be present for the discussion. A UCSF resident will be assigned to the case. The resident or the referring physician can present the case. The UCSF resident assigned to the case will summarize the group’s input for documentation in the patient’s chart.

Grand Rounds

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